The Butterfly

Many years ago, when the world was much different, there was a beautiful butterfly whose wings were the color of the noontime sky.  It was early spring, and the butterfly went flitting from flower to flower in the green fields, but none of the flowers would open to him.  He asked the flowers, “oh, why will you not open?” and shivering, the flowers replied “because it is still too cold.”

That night, while the butterfly was thinking about what the flowers had said and the moon rose in the night sky, the butterfly decided to fly up to the moon and ask the moon for her wisdom.  He fluttered and he flitted until at last he reached the moon, and asked “how may I warm the flowers in the fields?”  The moon replied, “I do not know, but perhaps my sisters the stars can tell you.”

So the butterfly fluttered and flittered even higher into the heavens and when he came to the stars, he asked them, “how may I warm the flowers in the fields?”  And the stars replied “we do not know, but look, the sun is rising in the east, go and ask her.”

The butterfly fluttered and flitted to the house in the east where the sun was, and asked “how may I warm the flowers in the fields?”  The sun replied, “I will give you two tiny drops of sunlight, one for each wing, which you may use to warm the flowers.”  And as the sun placed each drop of sunlight on the butterfly’s wings, first the left and then the right, the wings turned brilliant golden and yellow.

The butterfly flew back down to the fields, and with a loving touch, he warmed each flower so that it opened its heart to him.  He went flittering and fluttering from flower to flower, opening the hearts of all the flowers.  Flittering and fluttering, fluttering and flittering.  “Oh, there are so many flowers, I must rest my wings and catch my breath for a moment before continuing my work.”

When he was rested, the butterfly flew up into the air again and completed his task, until finally, all the flowers, blown by a gentle wind, were waving to the sun high in the heavens.



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