To Touch

Flickering threads of red brightening and dimming in whisps of cool air,
Warm to the touch, astir with the possibility of flame and quickening flare,
To touch the kindling, patiently awaiting the spark to alight
the splintered grain, grasping at shards of heat and springing into yellowing light.

Leaping across the frosty air trembling below the sky cracking blue,
Pierced by the touch of your gaze, shivering for the warmth that can but renew,
To touch each other in the spaces forgotten by time’s sadness and loss,
The places darkened are now quietly lighting as warmth moves slowly across:

Caressing fingers upon cheek and brow reaching deeper into your heart’s deep care,
Soft in the touch are your hands moving between meridians in need of repair,
To touch the trembling surfaces and reach deeper into the etheric realm intangible,
The soul and the body entwine, enmeshed in weaving light becoming intimately inseperable,

To touch the embers of our spirits and kindle the hearth into warming light,
To warm the rooms of our souls and dance as cheering flames in awakening delight.



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