A Build of open-webkit-sharp That Actually Compiles and Runs

What gives Open Source a bad rep?  It’s projects like open-webkit-sharp, where the source code doesn’t compile (whether you’re using the SVN pull or the download package), where the project setup is different depending on whether you’re using Visual Studio 2010 or 2012, and where the binaries don’t run without errors.  I could go on, describing poorly formatted code, compiler warnings that are so obscure because they don’t normally happen, overriding assembly names from their namespace names, leaving a trail of five different versions of the same assembly but each having a different size and timestamp, local structs that duplicate the same struct by the same namespace and name in referenced assemblies, oh wait, I wasn’t going to go on.

That said, after spending about a day on it, I was able to get the code to compile and execute.   I cleaned up the warnings, and I offer a snapshot of my folder to anyone who wants to download it – you will have to email me though, as I don’t want to provide a direct link to a 28MB zip file on a public blog.  Note that this is a VS2012 build.  And yes, it even builds in Debug mode.

One of the most obscure things I had to deal with was embedded interop, which turned out (thank you stackoverflow.com) to be simple enough–right click on the assembly in the references section of the project, select Properties from  the popup menu, and set the “Embed Interop Types” property value to false.

However, I will tease you with this screenshot of the demo running:




3 thoughts on “A Build of open-webkit-sharp That Actually Compiles and Runs

  1. Way to go, Marc! I couldn’t find your email to request your folder snapshot. Either I’m blind or it’s just not posted anywhere on your site. But if you could send me a link to your snapshot (email attached to this post), I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve tried to compile it off and on and would just give up. Thanks Marc

  2. This is great to know. I just tried downloading the version from code.google.com. I wanted to compile w/ VS2012 – and so changed the C++ compiler to be [Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler Nov 2012 CTP (v120_CTP_Nov2012)]. However when I run the app, I get an error […Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {D6BCA079-F61C-4E1E-B453-32A0477D02E3} failed due to the following error: …The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.]

    Would much appreciate if you could mail me your 28MB solution.



  3. Hello Marc,

    It is great to know that it can be done. Thumbs up to you sir!! 🙂

    Would appreciate if you provide me with a link to your 28MB solution.

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