Authentication in Ruby on Rails

There are dozens of articles for Ruby on Rails on how to roll your own authentication system or use an authentication gem.  Why did I write one?  Because none of them are comprehensive in their coverage.

In my article User Authentication in Ruby on Rails, I discuss:

  • how to write a Rails application with RubyMine, the IDE
  • how to create migrations and inspect your data in PostgreSQL
  • how to add “remember me” and reCAPTCHA features
  • how to add email notifications for new users and users that forget their password
  • how to use the authentication system in the applet itself

and I cover some basics about Ruby on Rails development:

  • Gems
  • Site Environment Variables
  • Database Migrations
  • HTML metadata
  • Controllers, Models, and Views
  • Application Layouts
  • CSS
  • Cookies

If you’re new to Ruby on Rails, this article will help you get started with all the tools, technologies and concepts that you typically need to touch when developing websites with Rails.

And even then, there are large pieces I’ve left out: testing, FireBug, etc., so keep a look out for further installments.



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