Anthroposophical-based Life Coaching

I am putting some thoughts together on what a Life Coaching practice would look like based out of Anthroposophy. Here’s what I have so far, it’s a first cut of a mission statement for such a practice.

Anthroposophical Life Coaching

Mission Statement

Acknowledging the reality of the spiritual world, we practice grounding, earthly forms of thinking, speaking, and acting, to create a rich and meaningful existence in our daily life with conscious awareness of the guidance by the spiritual world.

Acknowledging the reality of the spiritual world…

The foundation of this work rests in the belief and faith of a spiritual world. We recognize that this is a challenging and difficult premise in these times. Science continues to deepen our understanding of the physical world and its processes while at the same time technology continues to improve its emulation of life processes – virtual reality, social networking, systems of commerce, and so forth. Much that has historically been relegated to the world of the gods in its mystery has been comprehended and rigorously verified by scientific discoveries. This however creates an existential crisis in which we, as human beings, ask “Am I nothing more than a biochemical process whose thoughts and actions are ultimately deterministic?” For some people, the answer is “yes”, that is all that there is to consciousness and life. For others, the answer is “no”, either derived from an original, intrinsic faith in a spiritual world or leading to a discovered faith in a spiritual world. The foundation of an Anthroposophical-based life coaching practice is a faith in a spiritual world.

…we practice grounding, earthly forms of thinking, speaking and acting…

Our thoughts, speech, and actions are malleable–we can choose to change the quality of our life by changing our thinking, feeling, and willing. We can teach ourselves and each other how to move from an unconscious reactive response system to increasingly conscious, proactive responses. This requires that we engage in concrete practices that begin to shift our minute-by-minute awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In essence, we practice heightening our self-awareness so that our response to what is happening around us and within us begins to transform into a conscious choice-making activity–we become the leaders of our selves. The development of these skills is the material of numerous self-help books, workshops, and teachings, some of which are thousands of years old. What is important in Anthroposophical-based life coaching is not a prescribed “these are the tools that will work for you” but rather that we choose out of our own freedom the tools that we feel are right for us at this moment in time and that we work with them with the foundational awareness of the guidance of the spiritual world. In other words, we frame our work within this foundation by asking “how am I being guided in this work?” This may include seeking out traditional and non-traditional therapies, medicines, dietary changes, exercise, and so forth. It is essential to acknowledge the physical reality of our existence and our physical needs and concerns within the framework of spiritual guidance.

…to create a rich and meaningful existence in our daily life…

We can remove the shackles of our present patterns and discover a vastly richer landscape of choices that can be made consciously and freely. As our self-awareness develops and we discover more choices in our thinking, speech, and actions, our existence becomes richer and more meaningful. This is a personal process that is not judged or criticized. The question is not “what did you fail at today?” but rather “what free choice did you experience today?” As we tenderly nurture these incremental experiences, we can reflect on how these experiences enrich our lives and bring meaning in the form of compassion, understanding, empathy to ourselves and those around us. Our lives also become more meaningful when we choose healthy boundaries in our words “this is not right for me at the moment” or “I am in disagreement with this thinking or activity.” Our awareness of the guidance coming from the spiritual world helps us to discover, maintain, and develop our true center. We can then communicate with compassionate and understanding what is right for us. By becoming more conscious of our boundaries, we can develop the skills to avoid the inner emotional and thought turmoil that occurs when our boundaries are violated, and instead acknowledge those situations objectively and respond to them with consciousness.

…with conscious awareness of the guidance by the spiritual world.

The spiritual world wants to be an active participant in our thinking, speech, and actions. The very concept of “being human” implies a self-awareness that “I am human.” But in saying “I am human”, is this statement not imbued with the question “How do I be human?” In our self-aware asking of this question we reach out with a gesture of listening to the spiritual world for the guiding answer. As we practice this, our self-awareness occurs more frequently and more deeply in each waking moment, which in turn strengthens our connection with the spiritual world and our ability to hear the guidance coming from it. Eventually this can become as natural as breathing, such that we are in constant relationship with the spiritual world in all of our activities, from the mundane to the sublime.


2 thoughts on “Anthroposophical-based Life Coaching

  1. Dear Marc, thank you for linking together two of my major passions: anthroposophy and life coaching. But I think you can do more − link anthroposophy and blockchain. Would you help me to understand how does the blockchain fit the Steiner’s Associative Economics, maybe there is an article you came across on that or maybe you would like to share you observation on how two concepts relate to each other..

    1. Excellent suggestion. I’ll see if Gary Lamb, author of Free Associative Economics: Spiritual Activity for the Common Good, would be interested in looking at this with me.

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