Microsoft, SQL Server 2012 Express, and Failure

I’m doing a bit of multitasking today, mainly fixing a bunch of Ruby on Rails features for my client while doing some setup stuff on my workstation, like installing the latest version of SQL Server Express.

So I go this download page:

First thing I notice is how poorly this page correlates the download options with the filenames.   Here’s a screenshot of the download page:

fail1And here’s the descriptions (which of course requires that you click on “Details” to even see.)

fail2Notice that there is nothing that says “this installer is this file”.  You have to figure out that “With Tools” is the “WT” version, etc.

Finally, after 40 minutes of waiting for a 600 MB download (why are things so slow on your systems, Microsoft?) I get this message:

fail3And yet:

fail4It says right there that Windows 7 is supported!!!

So Microsoft, four failures for what should be one simple task.  Nice batting average.


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