Ruby on Rails Portfolio After One Year

I realized today that it’s been about a year since I started working with Ruby on Rails.  I ended up putting together a portfolio of the work I’ve done with Ruby / Ruby on Rails in the last year.  Here it is!

GitHub Projects

Database Spider UI:
Article: Day 1: Spider Database Navigator Website

Dynamic Server-Side Property Grid
Article: A PropertyGrid Implemented in Ruby on Rails

Where are my Facebook Friends:
Article: Where In The World Are My Facebook Friends?

Basic Authentication (not using Devise):
Article: User Authentication in Ruby on Rails

Other articles on Ruby / Ruby on Rails:

Comparing Ruby and C# Performance

Function Composition, Function Chaining, Currying, and Partial Functions / Application in F# and Ruby

C# and Ruby Classes

Ruby on Rails Websites

personal projects implemented in Ruby on Rails

websites developed for my clients:

(these websites use significant pre-existing work from the open source community as well as other team members, so I certainly cannot take full credit for them, but I have made significant contributions to them):


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