Never write HTML, Javascript, or CSS again — Part 1 of n

At this point I have a few things working in my quest to never write HTML, Javascript, or CSS again.  The working name for my DSL engines is “Airity”.  I’ve set up a Git repository here:

and decided to try out Digital Ocean’s hosting service.  So far, very impressed.  It’s wicked fast!

So, I’m going to be blogging about my work on creating the DSL’s (Ruby on Rails at the moment) to support my lofty goal.  You’ll be able to review the code updates on GitHub and actually play with the pages on the hosted site here:

Background TODO list:

  1. Figure out how why the menu bar is split until the page completely loads.
  2. Item #1 is probably related to this: Why do I have to specify
    = javascript_include_tag "application"

    twice in the views\layouts\application.html.slim file?

  3. Need to send to the server the current visible text area so that a page refresh re-shows that div (hiding the other text areas) and also “activates” the correct menu / sidebar.

Active TODO list:

Item #1:

At the moment, I have this code for generating the “I acknowledge…” checkbox in the Register section:

fz_dsl.row do
  fz_dsl.columns(16) do
    html_dsl.checkbox('ack', '  I acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions')

and what I need to do is create clickable areas for “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” that then shows those relevant text areas.  Keep in mind that these sections are all part of the home page, shown/hidden as determined by the menu clicks or programmatically in the generated JavaScript.

Item #2:

Wire up some functionality, which will start to deal with the back-end model automation, another goal of this process.  The registration and sign in screens are a great place to start.


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