Never write HTML, Javascript, or CSS again — Part 2 of n

Some HTML, CSS, and Javascript DSL Examples

In this post, I want to show you how I:

  • added some CSS-DSL to make the checkbox and label look more pleasing by aligning vertically the checkbox
  • Fixed the HTML-DSL to embed links in the label’s text
  • Wrote the supporting Javascript in the DSL

First, we start with a basic DSL implementation:


This renders as:


which bothers me because the checkbox seems elevated above the text.  So let’s fix that first.  I’m going to specify a style called “checkbox-valign” using the CSS DSL:


which has a very simple definition:




resulting in a more pleasing alignment of the checkbox:


Next, I want to use the DSL to embed some HTML into the label’s text so that “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” become clickable links.  I’ll write it with a couple helper functions (instead of embedding the function directly in the string) to make it clearer:


The helper functions call return the HTML generated by passing an expression to the DSL’s inline function:


In the HtmlDsl class, the inline function is implemented as follows:


Finally, we need some Javascript (in DSL of course) to deal with clicking on the links and showing the correct text and activating the correct link in the sidebar,
leveraging some functions we’ve already written in the DSL as well.








Now, when we click on the links in the “I acknowledge…” label, we get taken to the appropriate text.

Note that the notable “problem” with this is, since these are not separate pages, pressing “Back” on the browser doesn’t take you back to the registration page.

Try it live here.  Click on the “Register” menu item in the menu bar, then click on the links “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” in the text next to the right of the checkbox.


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