Can I Sue Pearson for their bogus “Workplace Personality Inventory” results?

Yesterday I took a “Workplace Personality Inventory” test, apparently put together by Pearson (no, I didn’t pay for it).  I was rather shocked by the results:

  • I am “unlikely to set challenging work goals, and may exert a low level of effort toward achievement of goals”
  • I “may not persist when faced with difficulties or obstacles, or when success seems unlikely”
  • I “have little interest in volunteering for or taking on new work responsibilities or challenges”
  • I “Appear to have little or no interest in taking charge, or directing and leading others; may be hesitant to offer opinions”

So, being a Microsoft MVP for 5 years, a Code Project MVP for, what 13 now, having written (voluntarily, on my own time) over 180 articles, being a consultant for every 20 years, run multiple open source projects, having solved problems that PhD people were unable to solve, etc, etc, etc, and it analyzes my answers into “I’m a lazy, unmotivated, uninterested in challenges, and have no interest in leadership?”

Has anyone else encountered this bullshit?  If so, tell me your story.  I seriously want to sue these people.


One thought on “Can I Sue Pearson for their bogus “Workplace Personality Inventory” results?

  1. When you look into how these tests/inventories are structured and how that are inadequately validated you’d not be surprised then. There’s very little true correlation between the survey and the results, typically ONE study/research paper. I investigated one last year in preparation to taking it and signed up for an employer trial so as to understand it. Very easy to understand and game…But their correlations were very strange in many areas…Ah! PhD psychologists never really have REAL jobs so how can they ever really figure it out? And there really are NOT any real psychological models except for these highly inaccurate so-called psychology tests. Many years ago I really dependable excellent technician I knew failed the psych exam for a nuclear job while the pot head lazy bum tech passed it with flying colors…

    Things haven’t changed.

    Oh, BTW, I have a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology…And I’ve done a bit of basic research in this area.

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