Joined TopTal

So I recently joined the TopTal Web Developer Community, and to accelerate the screening process, they wanted a blog entry mentioning them.  Now, I find this interesting.  First, it’s a great way for them to promote their site (though I don’t think my readership is that thrilling.)  Second, having no experience with this community, I am not in a position to say anything great (or not so great) about them.  So I find myself in the awkward position of creating a blog post, with no idea whether it will achieve anything.

So, to the TopTal screener, if you’re actually reading this and you want, I quote, “[a] showcase [of] your writing skills and clarity of thought”, I would actually refer you to my Code Project articles, all 200 of them, which you can find here.

And I might call your attention to my 200th article here.  Read the comments.  Here’s a select few:

Your articles are ALWAYS of high quality. I’m Always looking forward to your next article because I can learn a lot of them!

great project, very instructive explanation

Well done, I particularly enjoy the discussion of your design tradeoffs and habits.

Excellent Read

Good Article. I think the detail you have provided with help a lot of folks improve their coding! Thanks Marc

You’re are inspiration for other developers, great work!!

Superlative effort- thank you, sir.

Excellent read as usual. 

I appreciate the way you describe your decisions, and second-thoughts; it’s very valuable to get an idea of the process your mind goes through in conceptualizing, describing, testing … and, that kind of insight is rare.

Entertaining writeup and nice looking project. What more could we ask?

So, now the ball is in your court.  Is TopTal really the top 3%?  Will something amazing come of this?  We’ll see.


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