What Skills has Working in Tech Actually Given You?


In TechChrunch, the author writes:

Do you work in software? Do you have more than a decade of experience? You do? I’m sorry to hear that.  That means there’s a strong possibility that much of what you know is already obsolete.

Certainly much of what I have learned in the technical realm is certainly obsolete. I haven’t coded in 6502, Z80, 8086, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, C, or C++ in ages.

But much of what I’ve learned about writing documentation, communication, debugging, creating flexible architectures, making accurate time estimates, designing intuitive UI’s, and getting skilled at teaching others, those are skills that never become obsolete.

The most important skill, one that truly doesn’t get old, is the meta-skill of constantly learning new things … and that meta-skill can rust and wither away, too, if it languishes unused.

Agreed, but the skill of learning new things isn’t the only meta-skill.


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