Junior Devs, Training, and Management

Just a random observation — I’m saddened when I encounter a management mentality that makes no effort to educate their junior devs so they can eventually become senior devs.

If you don’t have a decent knowledge of the programming language, framework and tools you’re working with, the way you “code” is like someone with a 3rd grade vocabulary trying to express a complex thought.

How do you educate junior devs?

  • Code reviews by senior devs.
  • Training sessions given by senior devs.
  • Having time allocated to learn.
  • Instilling an interest in learning!

Realistically though, nothing can overcome the “it’s a job, not a passion” attitude in the junior dev him/herself.  If the junior dev has a passion for software development, they’ll most likely educate themselves on their own time, not just the company’s time.

But then, when they have learned, they’ll move on because the work environment suddenly becomes limited.  An interesting dilemma for management, especially as they can now ask for a considerably higher salary than the company wants to pay for, which is why they hired junior devs to begin with.


One thought on “Junior Devs, Training, and Management

  1. In my experience, what one wants to do to have the best team is simply to fill it with good people and then bring in some junior people that have good potential…And bring them up to speed. It’s that simple. A base Super Agile principle. But everyone nowadays seems caught up in a Cult of Agile…And unfortunately mostly clueless about good software development…And often scrum masters are completely clueless about software development. When I offered to brief a scrum master about software development and in particular our software development she replied, “I don’t need to know that!” And she was serious about it! Thank goodness when we fly on commercial airliners we don’t have process oriented airline “captains” who say, “I don’t need to know about aerodynamic or ailerons! I’m a certified expert in the PROCESS of flying a plane!”

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