One thought on “Does your management practice this?

  1. Yes, my feelings exactly! And quote from Steve Jobs that I will be using in my writings and blog posts. Nowadays, there is no real freedom of development. We are micromanaged each and every day…It’s called a Daily Standup. Scrum was supposed to be sprints separated by rest and recovery periods of up to a week where we could clean things up, attend to non-user story matters, and get our wind back. What do we have nowadays? Continuous sprints! No time to clean things up, do things right, learn anything, etc. The Romans learned centuries ago that the most optimal mode of travel was to jog – walk – jog – walk. They could and did do it all day long! Sprinting exhausts people…And developers! I will be writing a lot more about this. And a next generation software development methodology that I call Super Agile to replace the currently limited and highly abused agile.

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