FlowSharpCode Gets DRAKON Shapes


I’ve added some select DRAKON shapes for creating flowcharts.  The Python code in the lower right editor is generated from the flowchart, and the output from the run is shown on the left.

PyLint is also now integrated into FlowSharpCode’s PythonCompilerService.  This really improves the development process as many syntactical errors are detected before even running the code.

Also, the code generator creates an execution tree which independent of the language syntax, which means that support for other languages is easily added.  Now granted, the code itself in each of the DRAKON shapes is Python code, but I have some ideas of how to make that code agnostic as well.

Spinning 3D Box with BeagleBoneBlack and L3G4200D Gyro


Got a fun little project working this weekend.  I wired up an L3G4200D gyroscope module to a BeagleBoneBlack, wrote the Python code to read the sensor data and send it over using RabbitMQ to a C# app on Windows displaying a 3D box.  Now when I rotate the BeagleBoneBlack, the cube mirrors my movements!

Full article will be posted on Code Project in the next week.


The Nuances of Loading and Unloading Assemblies with AppDomain


There’s a lot of posts and articles out there about using AppDomain to load and unload assemblies, but I haven’t found one place that puts it all together into something that makes sense as well as exploring the nuances of working with application domains, hence the reason for this article.

The full article is posted on Code Project, here.

A Lean and Mean Un-opinionated Templating Engine


The article is posted on CodeProject here.

Salient features:

  • Lines of code: 492 (not including unit tests and my extension library)
  • No weird stuff — no temp files generated by the runtime compiler, etc.
  • Assembly caching.
  • Supports multiple models and native types.
  • Support better performing non-dynamic property/method access as well as dynamic objects.