.NET Core nginx, and Postgres with EF on an rPi


My first article of 2019!

This article accomplishes quite a few things:

  1. Determining the rPi version and capabilities.
  2. Imaging an OS onto a USB drive.
  3. Setting up SSH so we can use PuTTy and WinSCP to communicate to the rPi.
  4. Installing Postgres and creating a test database.
  5. Installing .NET Core 2.2 and testing out Postgres connectivity, both from a Windows box and directly on the rPi.
  6. Creating an “echo” HTTP server.
  7. Installing and configuring nginx for HTTP.
  8. Configuring nginx as a reverse proxy to our .NET Core “echo” server.
  9. Configuring nginx with a test certificate.

And the big accomplishment here is that we did all this without using ASP.NET Core.  Frankly, it’s damn hard to find any articles that are not related to ASP.NET Core with regards to nginx, setting up HTTPS, etc., so hopefully the reader will appreciate the bare-metal approach that I’ve taken here.  My next article will dive more into creating a real website (a port from an existing website), working with performance issues (that horrid 8 second connect delay to Postgres) and who knows what else.

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