Defining Community

I’ve been experiencing a lot of questions about “What is Community?” but I wanted to clarify the concept of community from different perspectives (nice threefold view, hahaha):



Creative Writing Workshop

This was fun – a short creative writing workshop led by Eric Muller this weekend, consisting of two adults and 3 8th graders.  Everyone started with one sentence, then passed the paper over to the next person, where they added another sentence, and so forth, until the paper came back to the person who wrote the first sentence:

I woke up to the beaming of the warm sun into my spacious loft caressing the leaves on the tropical plants,
It was a beautiful morning to wake up and look at nature around me,
It was a beautiful  morning to be alive,
Jarring me out if this reveries, the sky darkened, distant thunder was heard.
The sky turned dark and it began to rain,
Reminding me of why you left me.
Introspective of this moment in which I swim into the depths of my heart, search for an answer from within.