60 Beaglebones on the Test Rack


That’s the test rack.

At home, I have a smaller configuration:


That thing in the old DVD player box is the test fixture I’ve been using (I did not build that!)

What you’re looking at there is:

  • a 24 port switch
  • a PoE switch
  • 5 beaglebones (4 Greens, one Black)
  • the black box on pull out table the left is a wireless hub, unrelated.
  • a small box on the right on top of the 24 port switch is a VOIP box, also unrelated.



1-Wire DS2482 over I2C reading DS199A ROM codes with a Beaglebone

1-wire i2c.png

If that was Greek, it means (probably more Greek) that I got a 1 Wire Pi Plus board[^] wired up to a BeagleboneBlack[^] and am talking to the DS2482 1-wire master[^] over the I2C bus[^] and reading the ROM code off of a DS1990 iButton[^] using a DS1402D iButton cable[^].

Using bottle, also implemented a lightweight server to get iButton codes back:


Fun stuff!


Spinning 3D Box with BeagleBoneBlack and L3G4200D Gyro


Got a fun little project working this weekend.  I wired up an L3G4200D gyroscope module to a BeagleBoneBlack, wrote the Python code to read the sensor data and send it over using RabbitMQ to a C# app on Windows displaying a 3D box.  Now when I rotate the BeagleBoneBlack, the cube mirrors my movements!

Full article will be posted on Code Project in the next week.